Halloween at Peter Coutts, Stanford

Jack leaves for his first time trick or treating
I spent Halloween with Geoff, Livia and Jack down at Stanford. Jack was dressed as a bunny (so cute!), and ran around Peter Coutts for an hour saying "more candy" over and over again. When doors on random houses opened (and candy was inside), he would immediately walk inside, forcing us to dash in to extract him. Luckily, we were inside the Stanford bubble, where everyone is nice -- at least, superficially.

After trick or treating, we left Jack at home with a babysitter and went to St. Michael's Alley for dinner with Rob Kapilow, Sharon, and Scott. Rob is doing a What Makes it Great at Stanford on Sunday with the Stanford Chamber Strings, who will be playing Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings. I always enjoy Rob's visits -- he's got a lot of energy, and is fun to hang out with.