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Obama win!

Since I don't have TV, I streamed election coverage on MSNBC after having dinner in the Castro during the actual announcement of Obama's win -- the streets went wild!. Animal Planet is doing a bit advertising push for Whale Wars; MSNBC played the trailer 4-5 times during the course of my 30 minutes of watching speeches.

I've been getting emails from acquaintances who live abroad, and there seems to be near universal joy outside of the U.S.; likewise, all of my close friends are ecstatic at the prospect of change. The only downer is that more than 50% of voting Californians seem to be bigots. It will be really disappointing if Prop. 8 passes. I thought we lived in a little oasis here, but it appears that the oasis only encompasses the coast.

When we were walking to the car after dinner, a homeless man shuffled by with a shopping cart, muttering, "I don't care about any of this shit. I don't care." Yeah, I suppose the ramifications of an Obama victory might not matter so much compared to finding food and a place to sleep.