Gura Gear Kiboko camera bag review

Gura Gear, logo detail
Andy Biggs shipped me a Gura Gear Kiboko bag to take with me to Antarctica and Indonesia, and it arrived today! When I took it out, my first thought was -- *this is a solid bag*. In fact, I even unzipped the two pockets to look for shipping padding, but it was just the structure of the bag that I was feeling.

The Kiboko ships with its padded harness zipped up into the back, and a single instruction sheet shows a new owner how to expose the harness and clip it into place (which took about 30 seconds -- it's really easy). I was surprised by how rugged and comfortable the harness is. A removable rain cover lives in a small pouch at the bottom of one side, and is easy to remove and replace. Inside the bag, Gura Gear includes more padded dividers than you could ever use.

Everything about the Gura Gear Kiboko has surpassed my expectations of quality. Often, designers have to make compromises when trying to keep a bag light, but it doesn't appear that many have been made here.

I'll have more to say once I actually take the bag on the road. Until then, here are a bunch of photos.

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