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Epiphany -- vibrating watches!

For years now, I've had a tough decision to make each night I sleep on boats: do I put earplugs in and risk not waking up in the morning, or do I forgo them and risk a sleepless night? I'm totally fine sleeping to the sound of a generator running, but the occasional lapping of a wave against the hull combined with the rumbling symphony of middle-aged men snoring? That is just a nightmare. Tonight, I discovered that vibrating watches exist. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any exhaustive vibrating watch guides out there, but I did some research and settled on Casio Pathfinder hunting and fishing watches. They are cheap (around $30 street), and people seem to really like them. They don't look bad, either -- pretty much the sort of watch I'd wear out on expedition. Might as well give one a try...