Livia plays Britten; house concerts revived

Livia Sohn warms up
Livia Sohn came over today to run through Britten Violin Concerto (with Dmitry Cogan on the piano), and we invited a few people to listen.

I used to host several house concerts each year, but it all stopped once I moved to Oakland and started traveling a lot. Part of my plan after moving back to San Francisco was to start hosting again; this week, I finally cleaned and unpacked, and my place is now suitable for guests.

Most of our guests today are frequent concert-goers, but a few were classical music virgins. Britten is on the accessible side of contemporary, but it can be hard to digest if you aren't used to the genre. But regardless of one's ability to properly digest Britten, Livia was incredible and inspiring -- and the acoustics in new place are great! I have a feeling I'll be hosting more, in the future. :)