Operation Musashi, Day 1, Brisbane

What an overwhelming day. Don, Adam and I arrived in Brisbane and were greeted by Kim McCoy and the Animal Planet team, who filmed us for a couple of hours as we drove to the private marina where the M/V Steve Irwin is docked and stepped aboard for the first time. Can you say, awkward? The majority of the crew has already been aboard the Steve Irwin for some time, and we showed up with a camera team following our every move, like we were important or something. Everyone seems to be really busy getting the boat ready for departure, and the camaraderie and feeling of companionship already seem to be very strong. There is so much more to write about, but I am exhausted. After dinner, Kim and I took a walk up the street to a local beach park where we were eaten by about a thousand mosquitoes while we frantically tried to unlock the gates leading back to the boat. Don, Adam and I spent a couple of hours shooting the Steve Irwin against industry (and Cirque du Soleil)-lit clouds. It's definitely time for bed.

PLEASE do not share these photos. They are confidential, and if you have access to this post, I trust you.

The Animal Planet team films us on the boat

Sea Shepherd vessel M/V Steve Irwin, with fuel cans

Warren plays the banjo on a deck littered with tools and raw materials

Night shot of the M/V Steve Irwin

Don Kehoe and me in our little cabin -- home for the next 3 months