Photos from the Bay Area Dive Show film festival

Eric Cheng's presentation at the Bay Area Dive Show (photo: Adam Tow)
I gave a 25-minute presentation last Friday at the Bay Area Dive Show, splitting my talk into two slideshows. The first was a narrated show about my experience aboard the *Steve Irwin* during Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling campaign this season. The second was a slideshow to music, which presented some of my favorite images mixed with images from the recent Wetpixel trip to Indonesia.

Other presenters included Richie Kohler (the host of Deep Sea Detectives on Discovery Channel), Berkley White (Backscatter), and two local photographers who featured fantastic underwater images taken in central Californian waters.

Luckily, Adam Tow came to the show and took some photos of us with his new Canon 5D Mk II, which produces images that look fantastic even at ISO 6400!

Eric Cheng speaks at the Bay Area Dive Show (photo: Adam Tow)

Berkley White plays video DJ for the evening's presentations. (photo: Adam Tow)

Susan and Chip Scarlett, Eric Cheng, and Berkley White (photo: Adam Tow)