New video from Shark Angels about sharks

The Shark Angels have released a new pilot video about sharks and the threats they face today. It features Alison Kock, Kim McCoy and Julie Andersen, three women from three different conservation organizations: Save Our Seas, Sea Shepherd, and Shark Savers.

Check it out -- it features fantastic footage of sharks in the wild as well as footage of the threats that are decimating their population today...

> *The world’s most feared and misunderstood animal is also the most hunted. The frightening reality few of us know is that sharks, the creatures we fear most, are battling for survival. Over 100,000,000 sharks will be killed this year – that’s 11,432 sharks killed every hour. And, there is no telling what will happen when we remove these critical apex predators from the world’s largest and most important ecosystem - our oceans. Like them or despise them, we need sharks on this planet.*

> *The sharks are in desperate need of guardian angels, and we just might be their last hope. The Shark Angels represent three different conservation organizations, Save Our Seas, Sea Shepherd, and Shark Savers, that are working together, in an unprecedented way, to prove that regardless of approach, we can all work with one another – and that there are many ways to make a difference for sharks. The Angels are leading a grassroots campaign - combining their respective organizations' strengths in awareness, education, science, grassroots activism, and enforcement - to combat the myths about sharks, to expose the sad truth that many sharks are being chased towards extinction and to stop the global slaughter before it is too late. Simply put, we aim to save sharks... and we need your help.*