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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-05-04

  • Wtf -- beheaded dolphin at Cardiff beach. Are we supposed to call someone?? #
  • Had a conversation with Howard and Michele Hall about Twitter tonight -- and it wasn't even me who brought it up! #
  • 17" MacBook Pro (early 2009) users, be sure to update your graphics firmware: #
  • My 17" MBP already had the right firmware update -- still flickering. ARGH. Example image that flickers consistently: #
  • Adobe DNG Converter converted DNG files from a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 don't work in Aperture. I thought they would... #
  • New blog post: Dead dolphin found at Cardiff by the Sea, San Diego #
  • New blog post: Dinner with Howard and Michele Hall #
  • Morning meeting with Marty Snyderman in San Diego. Great to catch up with him! #
  • @jauderho I just went back to Firefox 3.0.x yesterday. 3.5b3 wasn't playing well with displaying parts of Wetpixel (specifically, the ads). in reply to jauderho #
  • @alexkingorg I like Tweetie for Mac because I can have more than one Twitter account active. But I agree -- don't like the torn off post box #
  • OK, Intel dropped the price of the X25-M by $100 (it's $120 cheaper on Newegg). That's 2 x $120 = $240. 20 days after I purchased. BASTARDS. #
  • Slipping into vampirism. Again. #
  • Kim McCoy and Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, and my sister, Wendy, are all at the Vienna Teng show in LA tonight. #
  • The waiter at El Fuego recognized Mike deGruy ( ), but ignored Howard / Michele Hall ( ). #
  • Remembering how much I dislike San Diego airport. #
  • I love the bright light down here in Southern California. #
  • I saw a white dude with a facemask in San Diego. Swine flu!! Panic!! #
  • Fijufilm Finepix F200 EXR review is available -- doesn't improve over my Panasonic DMC-LX3. #
  • Massive technology failure: DSL router, Airport Extreme and misc RF-to-IR boxes in my media closet. FAIL FAIL FAIL #
  • Bought tickets for Howard and Michele's film, Under the Sea 3D IMAX for tomorrow in Sacramento! #
  • OK, I'll put on front license plates. Don't have time to deal with fix-it tickets. :( #
  • Baby Jack asked Pam to get in the bathtub with him. We're proud of him! :) #
  • Put front plates on my car. First time in 8 yrs! SF is cracking down, and I hate fixit tickets. Used Skene Designs plate holder. #
  • Hey -- any recommendations for a restaurant in Sacramento? Nothing too fancy, but it's gotta be good food. Thanks. :) #
  • @gilesshaxted We ended up at Grange, which was recommended by Michele Hall. The food and atmosphere was great! in reply to gilesshaxted #