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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-05-18

  • Time to go outside to see the sky and sun. Pupils... need... constriction... #
  • Japan to hunt 216 whales in northwestern Pacific for 'research' #
  • I have hit the limits of my Mac Pro (processing images for Very Large Prints). #
  • And... right after I wrote that last tweet, my Mac Pro froze. Argh. #
  • @cindypon Thanks, cyn! It was really great to see you again, too. The bubs are huge and cute. :) in reply to cindypon #
  • Body odor next to me in the theater. I can see the hair creeping out of his long-sleeved shirt. Causal or coincidental? #
  • Star Trek: lens flare on maximum. (Oh, and it was awesome on IMAX) #
  • Evernote for Blackberry is here!! #
  • Made me laugh out loud: #
  • Canon 5D2, 50D, G10, Nikon D3X, D90, Sony A900 RAW files supported in Mac OS X 10.5.7 (released today): #
  • @chriskac Guess you'll have to go the warranty route. That is normal proceedure for things over 30 days old, right? in reply to chriskac #
  • OK, the new Apple customer care video commercial is awesome. #
  • Blackberry App World isn't ready. It locks up my Bold when run. Also, my BB has been restarting periodically since I installed it. #
  • At my sister's PhD hooding ceremony. I'm so proud of her!! #
  • The PhD hood is sorta yonic. #
  • @Daffs Congratulations on your hooding and graduation!! :) in reply to Daffs #
  • Performing tonight at MemChu on Stanford campus: Mozart and Haydn. Should be fun! #
  • Giving TripIt another try after a couple years away. @johnolilly seems to like it -- a good sign. #
  • @adamnash You're going to love Star Trek. I await your multi-page, analytical blog post about the subject. in reply to adamnash #
  • At Stanford (again). Livia and Robert are playing Brahms Double with Stanford Symphony tonight. #
  • @adamnash let's see if you can sneak in a spoiler in your post title. Har har har. in reply to adamnash #
  • Could you please not bring your baby into the concert?! #
  • WTF. 100% failure rate for AT&T mobile plan changes. Change plan or tweak feature? Blackberry stops getting email. #
  • Anyone else out there on non-Enterprise Blackberry service having an email outage? (Mine's been out since 1030p last night) #
  • Tired of non-gadget people giving me gadget advice. #
  • Just bumped into Chester in the alleyway. It had been too long! #