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Cindy Pon's new book: Silver Phoenix

Cindy and her daughter at the Silver Phoenix book signing
Congratulations to Cindy Pon for the release of her new book, Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia ! P and I went to her San Francisco book signing, which was at Books Inc. in Laurel Heights.

I started my online journal in 1999, well before any of mature "blogging" software existed to help us do this easily, and quickly found others who were also sharing aspects of their lives online. Cyn was one of those people, and although she was shrouded in anonymity, I started corresponding with her over email in 2001. I didn't actually get to meet her in person until 2005.

I'm so proud of Cindy and her accomplishments. She has two wonderful kids and a successful first book! Silver Phoenix is currently sitting on my dining table. When people come over, they look at its cover and wonder what has happened to me to make me read teen / young-adult fiction. I tell them that it's not really my preferred genre... but that I'm going to read this one! :)

Cindy Pon's new book, Silver Phoenix

Cindy Pon's book signing at Books Inc in Laurel Heights, San Francisco

P, me and Cindy at the book signing