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I am a gardener, part 2 -- proof!

[flashvideo filename=videos/herb-concept.flv width=492 height=368 floatingcontrols=true /]
my little hydroponic herb garden: it's ALIVE!
Sorry for the jumps in camera position. It's hard to keep a little camera on a gorillapod attached to a computer and an AC adapter on a kitchen counter for days at a time without bumping it every once in awhile!

**UPDATE** 5/24/09 - I built a new movie and replaced the one on this page. The herbs keep growing!

**UPDATE** 6/9/09 - Yet another update! The garden is prospering, although I left town for 2 weeks and had a couple problems. Firstly, I couldn't raise the lights so the tops of the fastgrowing herbs hit the lights and burned to a crisp. Secondly, the system ran out of water. I replenished the reservoir when I returned home, and all is well.