Underwater Photography Exhibition in San Diego, June-August 2009

Me, in front of some of my prints (photo: Wendy Cheng)
I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks preparing for an upcoming underwater photography exhibition at the Taiwanese American Cultural Center (TACC) in San Diego. I'm here in San Diego now, and my father and I spent the last two days installing hanging rails, moving and unpacking crates, and finally, hanging 14 of my best prints. This is a special event for me because six years ago, the TACC hosted the first gallery space to display my work.

This show is going to be different than the last one was. The TACC purchased their own building and are in the final stages of preparation for a grand opening, and I've become a very different photographer in the last six years.

For this show, I decided to do something different: all of the images are printed on aluminum. The folks over at Image Wizards were incredible during the entire process and were able to rush 14 of my prints to the gallery site in about a week. Image Wizards' printing process directly embeds an image into the coated finish of the aluminum, and they look absolutely stunning. Each image is wrapped in foam and crated in strong wood for protection. A microfiber cloth is even bundled inside for wiping off fingerprints.

Below are photographs of the gallery space, including images of the installation process.

I don't know yet when the show will open, but it should be very soon! Rough dates at the moment are June 1 - August 5, 2009.

LOCATION: Taiwanese American Community Center 7838 Wilkerson Court San Diego 92111 858-560-8884

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