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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-05-25

  • Hey, friends. Need your help to get some signatures on an anti-shark finning petition. Takes 1 minute. Please help! #
  • Nash no like Star Trek (spoilers) #
  • Giving Seesmic a try. Userlists across Facebook and Twitter? Yes, please (although I suspect I'll stick with Tweetie and Facebook). #
  • Added QR Codes to my online journal (click on "qrcode" in each entry to see). #
  • @gilesshaxted Read up on QR Codes! You snap photos of them on mobile devices, and they go to the page. in reply to gilesshaxted #
  • Argh. #
  • @corbosman Awesome, Cor. I love my Panasonic LX3. It's the camera I use the most these days. Did you manage to find a black one? in reply to corbosman #
  • Wetpixel Quarterly team meeting tonight in Oakland. Was lots of fun! #
  • Which SF police station should I go to get a fix-it ticket taken care of? Went by the Bryant St. station - was a madhouse (plus, no parking) #
  • @lfstewart Yeah, I'll probably end up going to that one. Thanks for the recommendation! in reply to lfstewart #
  • The police didn't even check to see if I put front plates on my car before signing off! #
  • Just finished intensive multitasking-fest. Need... sustenance... #
  • Hey, anyone know where I can get a male mannequin for cheap? #
  • RT: Psyched to see "V" come back. This is one of my early favorites from the 80s. (via @adamnash) #
  • I often get "shite" instead of "white" when I type "great white". "Great shite shark." It's a new species! #
  • @pyknosis We feature Clark Little in issue 5 of Wetpixel Quarterly. (re: in reply to pyknosis #
  • Thinking of swapping to Verizon MiFi from Sprint EVDO ExpressCard + Cradlepoint router + heavy battery combo. Cost to upgrade? $100. #
  • A moment of quiet at my gate at SFO. Bumped into Ed Wu here -- hadn't seen him in a long time! #
  • The crowd on Virgin America is strikingly young. I wonder if it's just the SFO->SAN route. #
  • Just set up (most of) my show in San Diego. Sold a print while setting up! Don't know yet when it will open to the public. #
  • Turned on iPhone after a day in airplane mode and MobileMe deleted all my contacts. iPhone #FAIL #
  • Naked Cafe in Solana Beach -- fantastic brunch place (esp for vegetarians)! #
  • The pushy one got pulled out of line for secondary security screening. Personality profiling is satisfying! #
  • @AnnabelleA What about $1399 MacBook? ;) in reply to AnnabelleA #
  • Updated my herb garden timelapse video: #