Jim eats fruit.. in 3-D! AKA My first 3-D video.

[flashvideo filename=videos/jim-eats-fruit-3d.flv width=592 height=288 floatingcontrols=true /]
my first 3-d video: jim abernethy eats fruit
This may or may not be Jim's first time eating this much fruit (he's even been eating veggies!), but it is my first time posting a 3-D video. You can check it out if you have red/blue 3-D glasses. Sturdy ones are like $4 on Amazon.com. Paper ones are probably cheaper.

WOW -- this video really suffers from compression artifacts, and the 3D effect is much less effective when compression artifacts ruin the video. I'll have to figure out how to compress these videos so they don't lose their "3D-ness".