Monaco Optix XR Pro can't calibrate unibody MacBook Pro

I just profiled my unibody MacBook Pro 17" using a Monaco Optix XR Pro (with included Monaco OPTIX software), and it doesn't seem to work well. I profiled the display at full brightness targeting both native display white balance and D65. While the D65 results produced a white that was very pleasing to me (warmer than the default "Color LCD" profile that ships with the Mac), a quick look at a grayscale chart showed browns creeping in to many values of gray. In the grayscale chart linked to above, there was a noticeable brown tinge in probably 30-40% of the 26 grayscale values, in both the D65 and native target profiles. I used Mac OS's calibration tool in the Displays preference pane, and it produces a different-looking profile with the same brown contamination in the grays.

This is a very difficult thing to show on the web. The only way I can think of to show visuals of what I'm talking about is to set manual white balance on a digital camera and photograph the screen -- perhaps a task for another night. My conclusion is that neither the Monaco Optix XR Pro nor Mac OS X's built-in display calibration is effective at profiling the unibody MacBook Pro's glossy screen.

Also, I posted an update to my post on calibrating a Dell 3008WFP (at the end of the post).

**UPDATE**: I just did another calibration using the Optix XR Pro with the Color Eyes Pro software demo instead of the bundled Monaco software, and it looks promising so far!