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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-06-29

  • Wow. I feel sorry for visitors to America who encounter our army of rude, condescending airline industry employees. Welcome to America. #
  • @alexkingorg Feature request for Twitter Tools: configurable "New Blog Post" text (haven't tried new beta yet -- is it in there?) #
  • @chriskac maybe you need to have some servers hacked. Or maybe a DDOS attack to brighten up your day? :) in reply to chriskac #
  • Video games are clearly the devil's work. #
  • Firefox 3.5 is, right now, *much* slower than Safari is, and sometimes won't load pages unless I restart the app. Wonder if it's an add-on. #
  • Pakistani lunch special in Inglewood. A woman just came in and tried to sell me socks. #
  • Bolivian News Fail. har har har. #
  • @adamnash and @johnolilly should have their own Twitter # channel. in reply to adamnash #
  • Had lunch with Vienna Teng at Delfini Cafe in Playa del Rey. Love being in same town coincidentally! #
  • @jauderho iPhone 3GS Score: 64.7 Richards: 55.4 DeltaBlue: 46.4 Crypto: 55.9 RayTrace: 74.7 EarleyBoyer: 142 RegExp: 32.0 Splay: 97.3 in reply to jauderho #
  • Thought Manhattan Beach in LA was similar to San Diego's beaches until I discovered that the bottoms of my feet were covered in tar. #
  • Where can I find a Michael Jackson internet proxy filter? Enough already! #
  • Evernote now allows sharing of notebooks with friends. Awesome. #
  • "YouTube uploads increased 400% since iPhone 3GS launch." Maybe this is why I can't complete a call on AT&T anymore. #
  • I love being on Stanford campus, where I can download at insane speeds. Oh, and I get to play a lot of music, too. #
  • Save the date: Gallery reception in San Diego, July 11, 1-5pm. Details to follow! #
  • @cindypon the show actually opens July 6, so you can also go early. But I won't get to see you! in reply to cindypon #