Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-07-06

  • I'll be adding photos to my Flickr feed during my week of chamber music. http://bit.ly/zDegk #
  • "Revamped MacBook Pro line delivers top-notch display quality" http://bit.ly/xI0fn #
  • I think people should consider their email content length to sig length ratio. I'll bet it correlates to something. #
  • Wow. I drove all the way to the center of Stanford campus and didn't see a single person or car out on the roads (on campus) #
  • Added photos from last night's chamber music party: http://bit.ly/GwAZN #
  • Perfect day for a four hour chamber music concert! (and a rare opportunity or me to be playing) #
  • Har har har. http://bit.ly/WI5c3 #
  • 50,000 OnePass miles for a domestic Continental flight? Doesn't that seem high?? #
  • @pyknosis I was at Stanford today -Should have coordinated a meeting! in reply to pyknosis #