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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-07-13

  • The light in San Francisco looks fake today. So clear! #
  • Wanted to go to bed early but got sucked into watching the first episode of BBC's South Pacific Diaries. AWESOME. #
  • @JoseFR It is Planet Earth-esque. I have Nature's Most Amazing Events, but I haven't watched it yet so I can't compare... in reply to JoseFR #
  • @adamnash Adam -- have you discovered anything about those coins I brought back from Banda Neira? in reply to adamnash #
  • Best corn tortillas ever! Bought at Andronicos. #
  • Google announces Google Chrome OS. #
  • Working in total darkness while (more) lighting is installed. #
  • Lilly on Firefox at D7 (full video) (via @johnolilly) #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- AllThingsD embedded video issue #
  • I've just about had it with AT&T. It might be worth scrapping the iPhone just to get a provider that lets me make a call without a FAIL. #
  • Upon dragging 10,000 files at a time (the limit) in Mac OS X a few times, cut, copy and paste stopped working across all apps. Rebooting. #
  • 420 watts of high-output, dimmable fluorescent lighting = life changing experience at home! #
  • BMW Roadside Assist expired. Signed up for AAA. Used JAZZ0809 for $17 off because I am a Utah Jazz fan! What sport is that, again? #
  • Eating at San Tong Palace in Kearny Mesa. They don't recognize me without my parents here. #
  • Thanks, to everyone who came out to the exhibition opening in San Diego today! #
  • @tonywu hey Tony. I got some good recs here some time ago. in reply to tonywu #
  • In San Clemente. Fed and burped a three week-old baby today-- twice. #
  • San Franciscans: look at the moon now. Beautiful! #