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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-07-20

  • Seeing photos from friends returning from this year's Sardine Run. Looks like it happened this year -- photos are fantastic! #
  • @enjelani re: working = "tired" and resting = "panicky". I totally feel the same way. #
  • Using 3D modeling to stabilize video #
  • Augmented reality iPhone apps for finding subways and Twitter neighbors #
  • Wow. Great find: privacy issues associated w/partially exposed social graph data, interesting: (via @adamnash) #
  • Off to Denver to see @alexking and Mr. Miller (can never remember his usernames) #
  • Walking tour of Capitol Hill in Denver with Rod #
  • Wide World Magazine publishes interview with Andy Biggs: #
  • Was just recognized at the local cafe here in downtown Denver (while @theta_aquarii flirted with the staff). Small world. #
  • Lots of gesturing at screens here at @crowdfavorite offices. Also, my fav wall decor. #
  • AT&T: "L115: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a temporary system error". Yeah, I know. #
  • @adamnash I studied Ultima Online with @amyjokim at Stanford. We called up Lord Blackthorn and went on a tour of the world on horseback. in reply to adamnash #
  • Just got the Twitter fail whale for the first time in months! #
  • @Dan_ Got a link / PDF of the swimming pigs article in Metro? I've only seen one article so far, and it was in the Guardian. in reply to Dan_ #
  • I'm on the front page of Digg! (thanks, @theta_aquarii) #
  • Using MailChimp for Wetpixel newsletters now. It is incredible -- best email marketing software I've seen. (affiliate) #
  • True irony: Amazon pulls Orwell's 1984 from all Kindles. #
  • At Andy Lan's chamber music reading party in Los Gatos. We have waaay too many cellists! #
  • At @atow's BBQ / pool party. It's HOT down here. #
  • Next time I take UW photos at a party, I will bring scuba gear and camp out at 9 ft. Anyone who wants photo can swim down! :) #
  • My AT&T post is in top 10 on Google for "at&t service in san francisco" via Topix. #