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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-08-03

  • Annoyed that checking in 4x50 lb bags is cheaper than checking 3x70. #
  • Am I allowed to take hex keys on the airplane these days? Anyone know? #
  • Lunch with @schrep at Facebook! #
  • @johnolilly I use FileVault, but if I didn't need some fast disk, I'd use PGP whole disk encrypt. W/ filevault, some backup types encrypted. in reply to johnolilly #
  • @johnolilly FileVault also makes me nervous, but it seems ok if you symlink out folders you don't need to encrypt. #
  • Discovered news on BBC America while on the Virgin America flight. No mention of the word "twitter" in 1 hour. I'm sold!! :) #
  • @AbigailSmigel Yay, Abi! Thank you for coming to pick me up from the airport, and for hanging out tonight. See you then we're back! in reply to AbigailSmigel #
  • On the Solmar V on a trip with Lawrence Groth of Shark Diving International. Goin' exploring in Mexican waters! #
  • Dropped into the water with my first blue whale today. They are huge and fast. #
  • Hey, anyone know where I can get a Canon 5D Mk II? #
  • @ronin @phamily Thank you! They were out of stock last time I checked. in reply to ronin #
  • Up early in San Diego. Left one of my two wetsuits on the Solmar V. :( #
  • Wanted to go to Yu Me Ya last night. Full. Tried Naked Cafe for brunch today. Huge line. Ended up at Ki's last night and Hideaway Cafe today #
  • Back in SF. It is GORGEOUS outside, from the air. Amazingly clear day! #
  • Robot arms and hands. They are faster than we are. #