Photos from H2O show reception @ G2 Gallery

My work @ the G2 Gallery
I really enjoyed hanging out at the G2 Gallery (Venice Beach, Los Angeles) last Friday at the H2O reception, which ran from 6:30-9pm. H2O is a print exhibition of underwater photography that is running from now until September 20, 2009.

My friends Don Kehoe, Matt Segal, Adam Lau, and Bill and Nanette van Antwerp came to see the show, as did new friends Sue Chen, President and Board Chair of Reef Check, Steven Werner and Debra Levine of Werner Publishing, photographers Carl Richards and J.J. L'Heureux, James Lau and his wife, and many others.

Special thanks to the G2 Gallery owners, Daniel and Susan Gottleib, as well as Jolene Hanson, the two Sarahs, and the rest of the staff, who were the most welcoming hosts I could imagine! The show looks great, and I am proud and grateful to have my prints included.

Some of these images were taken with my camera by a photographer named Mario. I didn't get Mario's card, but I hope he contacts me. :)

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