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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-08-31

  • How computer people help "not computer people" #
  • RIM acquires Torch Mobile. Yay! Bring Webkit to Blackberry! #
  • Photo assignment to Colombia. Great! But 10KG max luggage = deal killer for a underwater photographer. Hope they resolve it... #
  • A single woman is poisoning this entire coffee shop with her perfume. It is actually giving me a headache. Must escape!! #
  • Congratulations to @cindypon for finishing a draft of her second novel! I have yet to read the first one, but it is sitting on my table. :) in reply to cindypon #
  • "Multitasking muddles the brain, even when the computer is off." Hrm. I multitasked even when reading this article. #
  • @tigermouse88 hehehe. YES -- Cuarteto Colombiano is going native, hopefully. :) in reply to tigermouse88 #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- Transmit Dashboard Demo #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- Transmit Dashboard Demo #
  • Hrm. Bank of America's new "SafePass" feature doesn't seem to work with Verizon phones. First time I've been happy I have AT&T, too! #
  • The hold music at Bank of America is unfortunately very similar to the "Two Girls One Cup" music. *gag* #
  • Bristol Farms has the tortillas!! Better than the fresh ones from a local Mexicatessen. :) #
  • Hanging out with Zandra in her new apartment in the Mission. Welcome to SF! #
  • New Facebook 3.0 iPhone app is out. You have to delete the old one before you can download the new one. #
  • I added "for the love of God" to my sign to the US Postal Service for scheduled package pickup. Think it will help? What does it take?! #
  • I am full of rage today. #
  • Can someone recommend an inexpensive shredding service in SF close to SOMA (or pick up)? 1 box at a time (not too much stuff). #
  • CrashPlan just updated to support Snow Leopard. They are fast! #
  • My friend, Andy Biggs, is giving a talk at B&H Photo in New York on Sep 13. Subject: Digital Printing. #
  • Alemany Farmers Market >> Ferry Building market! #
  • Pam just came to the realization that the "pets" at night markets in Taiwan aren't sold to be pets. #
  • A large number of apps are auto-updating for Snow Leopard compatibility. I'm going to wait a bit to upgrade. #
  • Incompatible software list for Snow Leopard. Wonder if they Apple thinks this is exhaustive?? #
  • Big application compatibility list for Snow Leopard. Some bad ones, for me. (via @jauderho) #