Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-09-07

  • Feel like a zombie. SFO to Bogota to Cali, Colombia. See you on the other side! #
  • Way to go, 60 Minutes, for featuring terror and murders in Colombia the day before I go there. Mom is freaked out! #
  • I just realized why I was confused. There is a dog barking on this plane. (Miami to Bogota) #
  • Arrived safely in Cali, Colombia. They put three journalists in this hotel room, though, and we have to leave in just 5.5 hours. Not nice. #
  • Gorged myself at breakfast, and am now headed off to Gorgona. May be off the grid for awhile... #
  • Love the security here. Zipper is zip-tied? Move on to the next bag! #