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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-09-14

  • Back in Bogota after spending a week in the jungle! #
  • At La Opera hotel in Bogota. Wonderful! Going to try to shower off a week's worth of mud. #
  • Also, my MBP woke up by itself while in a bag and became *really* hot. It now boots to a white screen. :( #
  • Why does Google Latitude think I'm in Florida? Does it not work in Colombia? #
  • Back in the Bay Area. 24 hrs of travel used to be nothing, but it has made me cranky today. #
  • MacBook Pro failure turns out to be (at least) a failed Intel X25-M SSD. I believe I've recovered all of my images from backups. #
  • Took 20 minutes to set up an advanced replacement RMA for Intel X25-M SSD, overnight for $25. Not too bad. But will take time to rebuild. #
  • @southlloyd SSD replacement was via Intel support, directly. But it was purchased as a stand-alone product. #
  • Mice levitated in lab. #
  • @southlloyd thank you! It has been smooth so far, except that there is no option for drives on the support line (had to get transfered). in reply to southlloyd #
  • @ihatepink So sorry to hear that. :( Replacement: I've been using the Plantronics Voyager Pro. Highly recommended. Also like the Jawbone. in reply to ihatepink #
  • Canceling my Sprint EVDO card. I've been transferred 3 times so far. Make that 4 times. #
  • My website servers are down again (all of them) -- third time in as many days. Not happy. #
  • @johnolilly John - you're beating me in miles in 2009, but I have France, Japan and Papua New Guinea coming up (not that it's a contest ;) in reply to johnolilly #
  • I seem to have lost a few video files from the past couple of months. :( #
  • Snow Leopard changes default monitor gamma to 2.2 (from 1.8). #