More book recommendations?

Hello, friends. I'm going to be out of town for 7 weeks out of the next 3 months, and need to stock up on books again. I read all of the books recommended the last time I asked for recommendations (the ones available for Kindle), and nearly all of them were fantastic! Here's what I read from that list:

- *The Amber chronicles* (all 10 books) - *A Thousand Splendid Suns* - *Sex Lives of Cannibals* - *Three Cups of Tea* - *Water for Elephants* - *Whatever You Do, Don't Run*

The rest were either not available for Kindle, or were books I had already read. I'm not a big fan of "cheap" plot books (e.g. Dan Brown), but I'll read them if I have no other choices.

I'm currently reading *Song for the Blue Ocean* (but not available for Kindle, and thus, I only read it at home), *Collapse* (been trying for a couple of years), *Quicksilver* (of the Baroque Cycle -- still trying), and have started a science fiction book called *Spin*.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I leave tomorrow morning, and will load up the Kindle before I step onto the plane. :)