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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-10-19

  • Millipede invasion in my room in Ogasawara!! Gah!! #
  • Be sure to check for in-depth update on my Ogasawara sperm whale trip! #
  • RT @Wetpixel: Wetpixel sperm whale expedition, update 1 - We arrived in the Ogasawara Islands two days ago after endu... #
  • My photo of Paul Watson is on the cover of Resistance Magazine. #
  • 1-ply toilet paper should be banned. that is all. (Have to return Douglas' blackberry -- cut off!!) #
  • Ok, this millipede invasion is getting ridiculous. #
  • Confusing and annoying: serious replies & suggestions to humorous complaining (or, how to find folks who are not compatible electronically) #
  • RT @Wetpixel: sperm whale expedition, update 2 - The typhoon to the east continued to throw huge swells into... #
  • I am lobbying to put Douglas into an Architoothus costume to see if the sperm whales go for him. #
  • Ogasawara millipede update: I've stopped relocating the buggers to the toilet. It is just too much work; we can co-exist! #
  • Heading back to Tokyo tomorrow on the 25.5 hour ferry. The others are extending for 6 more days in Ogasawara! #
  • Epiphany: if I can see Tokyo, it probably means I'm in Verizon Blackberry range! #
  • @andybiggs I could have saved you time re: int'l iphone plans and practicality. :) in reply to andybiggs #
  • RT @tonywu: Sperm Whales! #
  • I have spent the last 24 hrs in silence. Not the longest stint ever, but enjoyable nonetheless. Can see the attraction of silent meditation. #
  • Interesting. Google Latitude from my Verizon blackberry tour works internationally while I'm on 3G, but not while I'm on 1X. #
  • Read "Life of Pi" and re-read "Running with Scissors" while on the ferry. Imagined Republicans reading "Running with Scissors" and chuckled. #
  • It occurs to me that I don't know what day of the week it is, and more importantly, that I'm not going out of my way to find out. #
  • Received news that my old conductor, Karla Lemon, passed away. Life is becoming more fleeting by the year... #