A photo with Eric at DEMA

Adam told me a funny story while we were en route back to San Francisco from Orlando. It went something like this:

> At least four people came up to the booth and said, "It's my goal to take a photo with you!"

> I replied, "Are you sure?"

> They said, "Yeah!", and took a photo with me.

> I asked, "Do you know who I am?"

> They said, "You're Eric Cheng!"

> I said, "No, I'm Adam Lau!"

This sort of thing cracks me up to no end. Two DEMA shows ago, Kenji Ohmura of Fisheye kept being called Eric at the Wetpixel / DPG cocktail night. It was so entertaining that we now refer to each other by the other's name. "Hello, Eric! Hello, Kenji!"

This year, I stacked the deck by bringing Adam. They had no chance.