The switch to Google Voice (and juggling multiple phones)

I've had multiple phone numbers for a long time, and have finally decided to consolidate all of my numbers into a portable [Google Voice]( number. I had previously been a diehard [SpinVox]( user because they transcribe voicemails[^1], but GV added transcription services (via computer) back in March, making it a viable service for me. Everything was (and still is) working fine with SpinVox. My two mobile devices and my landline all forward unanswered and busy incoming calls to the same SpinVox account, which transcribes voicemails and emails (or SMSes) them to me. If I needed more information about a particular message, I call in to listen to the voicemail itself. But Spinvox hasn't changed in years, and Google Voice continues to add features. There is something appealing about the Google Voice method, which involves having a single proxy number that I can direct where appropriate.

I'm signed up for Google Voice a long time ago (when it was still GrandCentral) but am now going to start giving it out as my main number. I'm also disabling SpinVox from my mobile numbers. With GV, I can direct incoming calls to any phone, and voicemails are transcribed and can be played back by a single click or tap on every computing device I own. [International rates]( are reasonable, and calling is seamlessly integrated into the Motorola Droid calling interface.[^2] The Blackberry also has a GV application, but it is not seamlessly integrated. Calls and SMSes must be initiated from the GV app itself or from Address Book (it doesn't work from the phone app).

Now I just need to figure out a way to [forward my landline voicemail]( over to GV. At the moment, it does not seem to be supported, so I'll continue to use SpinVox for landline voicemail.

[^1]: Spinvox is normally quite expensive but is extremely accurate because they use a human transcription farm. I have a free account because I was a beta tester a long time ago.

[^2]: I use the Toggle Google Voice app for one-tap toggling between using GV for all calls, no calls, or being prompted for a choice with each call / SMS.