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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-11-29

  • @uwfotog Pam hated District 9, too. That makes 2 of you among everyone I know. I loved the movie! in reply to uwfotog #
  • Frank with a home-made snoot on an Ikelite DS-125. Ready to shoot small stuff! #
  • Hanging out with the wallabies here at Loloata Island Resort in Papua New Guinea. #
  • I was thinking that I almost stepped on a sea snake last time... Just as Frank almost stepped on one! #
  • Taking the day off. Slept 12 hours last night, but still feel groggy. Sitting on the patio overlooking the ocean, with Kindle and Blackberry #
  • Pam gave cashews to the Chinese guy stuck at Narita airport. #
  • View from the balcony here in PNG #
  • Another shot of the view. #
  • RT @gilesshaxted: the new android tripit app. #
  • @uwWestmorland is there #really a #large #following for #elephant? #twitter #hash #abuse :) :) :) in reply to uwWestmorland #
  • Congraytulations, Adam! RT @adamnash: The LinkedIn Platform is now Open for Business! #
  • How do you spell cous cous? Cus cus? I don't remember. #
  • Leaving port for the Eastern Fields. Will be in the water in 12 hours! #
  • Saw a school of at least 200 bumphead parrotfish (Bulbometopon muricatum). Awesome. (Eastern Fields, PNG) #wetpixel #