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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-12-13

  • I'm disappointed that my satellite email -> Twitter bridge didn't work while I was on the boat. #
  • I dreamed of taking care of baby Jack for a night. Then, I dreamed of sailfish. #
  • Can someone help me get this illegal ebay item shut down? It is my photo they are using. I have no internet here... :( #
  • Re: illegal ebay item. SRI is selling prints I donated 7 years ago (they didn't notify me). Thanks for taking action - I'm in touch directly #
  • @tonywu is obsessed with Beang Abang. Mention it to him as often as possible. #
  • Disregard that post on real-time RGB histograms. It puts the 5D Mark II into auto movie exposure. :( #
  • Off to do some local diving in Port Moresby, and then to the Eastern Fields! Back in 11 days. Will be updating my journal with photos. #
  • God rays from a Blackberry (in cabin 3 of the MV Golden Dawn) #
  • View from porthole, en route #
  • Video view from porthole (testing Blackberry Tour video upload to Twitter) #
  • Flashlight fish by the hundreds coming out of a hole in the Pacific Gas wreck outside of Port Moresby! Incredible! #
  • Awesome! Canon 5D Mark II captured flashlight fish at night. Can't wait to share the video!! #