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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-12-20

  • Steamed to Port Moresby overnight. Doing more local diving today (last day of diving). #
  • Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes! Much appreciated from remote Eastern Fields. :) #
  • The world is not ready for 1080p. Save yourself the headache and output 720p. #
  • Why do I even bother shark diving in the Indo-Pacific? #
  • Embedding 1080p video from 5D2 into slideshows = encoding and viewing fail. Need faster computers, more storage!! #
  • Really missing ProShow Gold on Windoze. FotoMagico on Mac is OK but has serious playback and export issues, esp mixing photo and video. #
  • @alexkingorg I love Blackberry's intermediary email service. It makes email in remote areas on crappy networks usable! in reply to alexkingorg #
  • Another successful flashlight fish dive. I love the little guys! #
  • Newest flashlight fish photo is 15,000 frames (about 7 minutes worth). Took 5 hrs on MBP to process a combined image of all of the frames!! #
  • @jauderho I disagree re: matte vs glossy. If you end up having to work in super bright environments, glossy is the only option. in reply to jauderho #
  • At Port Moresby airport waiting for flight. POM - Honiara - Fiji - LAX - SFO. Only dreading the LAX part. #
  • @tonywu We went out to Asia Aromas again last night in Port Moresby and had a feast. Missed you! in reply to tonywu #
  • I knew something was missing from my travel day. Screaming baby? Check. #
  • On 747 in Fiji bound for LAX. Smooth, so far! But 4 of our group are missing bags from yesterday's Air Niugini flight. Hope they get them :( #
  • LAX customs: "why you comin' here?" I was tempted to say, "I come to America to pursue dream! To start dry clean store!" #
  • @andybiggs same issue with the saltwater croc shot that won this year, I'll bet. in reply to andybiggs #
  • And the easy travel day ends with me... not getting any of my bags. Yippee. #