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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2010-01-03

  • Bank of America's SafePass is not ready to be used consistently. #
  • Love the Droid, but hate the keyboards (both soft and hard). #
  • The Making of Avatar, The Bootleg. #
  • 30Mb down / 2 Mb up ADSL2 is live! (tested at 25.85mb/1.8mb). I love it. #
  • @gilesshaxted 1Mb/s down? Ouch -- unacceptable! in reply to gilesshaxted #
  • @gilesshaxted your clarification is confusing, and I think, wrong. But I understand. :) in reply to gilesshaxted #
  • My Canon 24-105/f4 L IS lens is doing terrible things in Live View and video mode. $126 to repair (20% discount with CPS Silver). #
  • On the Ground, a SNL digital short. hilarious! #
  • @RogierDiver in reply to RogierDiver #
  • "Crew Uses Crazy Futuristic EarthRace Boat and Lasers to Fight Japanese Whalers" #
  • Happy New Year's Eve! I will be having an early evening, with a 7am flight tomorrow. What are your plans for tonight? #
  • Hrm. My Sigma 20mm/1.8 appears to not focus well on my 5D Mark II. I have to adjust it. *sigh* #
  • Hanging out at Gary Danko's birthday party at 12 Gallagher Lane. It is quite the SF scene! #
  • Holy crap. I forgot both my phones this morning. Hijacked Pam's phone for weekend. Everyone, use my 830 number! (Google voice) #
  • @viennateng extra points for being extra geeky on the first day of the new year! in reply to viennateng #
  • I am using a pen to write things down. A pen!! That is so 1900s. #
  • In Kansas City. There is snow everywhere and the weather report says, "bitterly cold." #
  • New Vertex 2 Pro MLC SSD better than Intel X25-M G2? #
  • Loud manly cheering overheard from the hotel hallway. I think there is a sport of some kind on TV. #
  • Watching CNN. Apparently, you are an American hero if you "rotated crackers and beer" for 8 days after your boat floods. #
  • SFO bound -- in Denver for layover after fantastic wedding weekend in Kansas City. Congratulations, Victor and Annie! #