3D photos using Canon 5D Mark II

Sterling Zumbrunn, Tony Wu and me in front of our sailfish boat, the Lilly M (3D)
- click image for larger photo -
I've been experimenting with shooting 3D stereoscopic images with the Canon 5D Mark II and discovered that it is a very limited platform for taking 3D images. When two 5D2 cameras are mounted next to each other, there is a minimum of 6" between the center of each of the two lens mounts. This extreme separation produces a stereoscopic effect that is too pronounced when using normal lenses (20mm and longer) -- unless you shoot subjects that are very far away.

However, I have had some success shooting 3D images and video using two Canon 15mm fisheye lenses. Subjects still have to be at least a few feet away, but at least it is possible to shoot close subjects.

A secluded coastal path in Isla Mujeres (3D)

Me, with my dual-5D2 3D setup (photo: Sterling Zumbrunn)