Sperm whales in Dominica, Day 3

Sperm whale social group (*Physeter macrocephalus*)
We saw fewer whales today and spent most of the day looking for whales that might tolerate a human presence in the water. A cute little calf (we're told it's Enigma's baby) was accompanied by up to 12 larger sperm whales, but none of us were able to capture all 13 in one frame.

In the photo above, there are nine sperm whales. Three are hanging face up with their eyes closed. Two are hanging face down. Three more accompany a small calf in the distance.

Tony Wu photographs a sperm whale with a waterproof Sony Cybershot

At dinner, our table was adjacent to a table of whale researchers (it was totally obvious). One of them received a phone call, and during the call, we overheard him say something about "Wetpixel," and that we "may or may not be at the next table." Yes, we were at the next table. I hope I get to meet you guys before we leave!

Speaking of dinner, we're still trying to find a way to have dinner in less than 2 hours, but there simply doesn't seem to be a way. Island time is fun and relaxing, but not when you are on a daily schedule. Breakfast is also always a >1 hr struggle.

Some good news: we discovered the secret blue menu at the Anchorage Hotel, which features cheaper, more interesting food. The hotel's official dinner menu is both expensive and limited, so we're going to avoid that starting tomorrow.

This may look like a black plastic bag, but it's actually sperm whale skin,
which is constantly being shed

Good night!