Armour goodbye dinner in Dominica

Group photo at dinner: Ricardo, Cor, Julie, Tony, Emiko, Curt, Rhona, me, Gabriel and Andrew
Tonight, our hosts Andrew and Rhona Armour invited us to their lovely home in Dominica for a farewell barbecue. Everything here on the island is built on beautiful mountain-side coastline, so their house (which is "in the bush," Rhona says) is nestled in lush greenery sandwiched between breaking waves and towering peaks. The sky was as dark as I've ever seen it, and even Andromeda was clearly visible as a little smudge next to a bright red celestial body (probably Mars).

Rhona had whipped up an incredible feast during the day, which turned out to be the best meal we've had since arriving in Dominica. We sat out on the patio in near darkness enjoying great food and company. Peggy Oki, Elisa Buller, and Caleb came out from across the island for dinner as well.

I have to thank Andrew and Rhona Armour and crew members Ricardo Barrett, Captain Curt, and Joel, who were all collectively responsible for getting us in the water with the magnificent sperm whales of Dominica. I really hope to be able to return to see more of the island; Dominica's undeveloped beauty rivals any other place I've been in the world.