New comment system on

I met with Michael Topolovac today, who recently embarked upon a new project that requires a lot of research into social media and networking. During the meeting, Mike pointed me to Disqus, a commenting system that can easily be plugged into a variety of websites. Upon doing some more research, I decided that I wanted to use Disqus or a similar commenting system here on I read up on both Disqus and Intense Debate and chose Disqus (for no real reason).

Installation was pretty simple, but the first export of Wordpress comments to Disqus (which is called "import" in all of the documentation) failed (generic error -- "try again!" they said). The second export seemed to work, but I noticed that I lost the 1 comment still in moderation on the Wordpress side. Too bad.

Because Disqus keeps Wordpress comments and its own comments in sync, I should -- in theory -- be able to swap Disqus out for another commenting engine in the future. I've read that syncing breaks when users edit their comments or when moderators delete comments, but those issues will hopefully be ironed out as the product develops.

Let me know if you see anything strange!