Getingate = spammers

I received 3 comments within 20 minutes claiming that Getingate is a better commenting system better than is [Disqus]( It's pretty clear that Getingate is using comment spam to spread the word about their product. I hope Google picks this up: **Getingate are spammers, and you shouldn't work with them.** Here are the comments I just received:

From John (two identical comments, 1 minute apart):

> *Have any of you tried the Getingate Commenting System ( I prefer it over Disquis - it's much easier to install and simpler to use. They're currently holding a competiton for the website that generates the most comments. First prize is $1K and second prize is $500.*

From romi :

> *Did you try using Getingate's Social Web commenting tool? they don't take cheap shots such as faking comments, don't spam your website, and they are FREE. Also their interface is not as ugly as Disqus... try it.*

Luckily, I was able to use Disqus to immediately mark the comments as spam and blacklist both the users and ip addresses.

**UPDATE:** It looks like Getingate has noticed my post and has responded via Twitter:

*@echeng works for the competitor and trashes the better tool of the two.
I hope you got paid a lot to do that.*

Here's the problem with their approach:

@Getingate only has 1 follower!

To the spammers over at Getingate: I'm not trying to "trash" your tool. I'm trashing your marketing methods.

I'll tell you what. Every time you try to retaliate, I'll write about you AGAIN, right here in this post, and send a note out to my Twitter, Facebook and web audience. Perhaps it will help spread the word about your product, and maybe some of them will follow you. Who knows -- I may even DOUBLE your Twitter audience!

Of course, none of this changes the fact that Getingate spammed my journal. 3 comments in 20 minutes pushing an unknown company is suspicious in anyone's book, and your so-called "facts" about Disqus are bogus.

Just for fun, I did a Google search on "Getingate". Here's what I found:

Declaring war doesn't pay off, guys. An apology would have been a better move.

**UPDATE 2**: According to one of the comments Getingate left below, they want me to believe that the comments left on my website were by "3 different people who all felt the need to comment on your blog."

I did some poking around, and the 3 comments left here were by two people: [John Phan](, who is listed as "Advisor at Getingate" in his LinkedIn page (he posted 2 identical comments), and Romi S, whose sole purpose seems to be [hating Disqus and loving Getingate](

John Phan, Advisor at Getingate

Romi S loves Getingate!

Getingate, John Phan is an advisor to your company and should be reprimanded for spamming. Romi S might just be a super fan who has no Google record other than touting your product's incredible features, but somehow, I doubt that is the case.