Eric Cheng's TEDxBerkeley 2010 talk: The Ocean is Earth's Last Frontier

Here's the archive official video from my talk at [TEDxBerkeley 2010](, which was about bioluminescent flashlight fish in Papua New Guinea and sperm whales and *Architeuthis dux* giant squid in Ogasawara, Japan and Dominica. To head off any confusion, the first Asian guy to appear is not me... and the crack about emotion and suffering only makes sense if you watch the entire TEDxBerkeley talk from the beginning. :)

I'd like to thank [Jessica Mah](, [Kai Chang](, and all of the other organizers of TEDxBerkeley for doing a fantastic job of putting together such an incredible event. I was truly inspired by all of the other speakers and my heart was warmed by those of you in the audience who came up to meet me afterward to tell me your stories about the ocean.

There is a full [archive]( of the event online, but you might find [the clips]( easier to browse. I assume the TEDxBerkeley team will create clips for all of the talks, but you might have to wait until they catch up on sleep.

Special thanks to Vino Wong and Courtney Platt for allowing the use of their photography.

**UPDATE**: Mona's [photos from TedXBerkeley]( are now up on Flickr!