Time to consolidate email addresses? (advice needed)

In 2004, I was forced to retire an email address because I was getting 800-1000 spam messages a day, 200-300 of which were getting through my spam filters. I abruptly turned on an autoresponder on the old address, which directed people to my current [contact form](/contact). I also vowed not to let my personal email addresses out for public consumption. Over the years, I have accumulated email addresses. I have a personal email address, a public email address, an email address I use for websites, a Wetpixel email address, an address for lists (which i don't check when I'm out of the country), and a gmail address. All of it funnels into two main addresses (one personal, one Wetpixel), and the gmail address aggregates and archives everything before delivering it to my mobile devices.

Is it time to consolidate? With collaborative filtering, anti-spam services are getting to be pretty efficient. If I start using an email address publicly again (e.g. posting it on my website), will I be inundated with spam that Gmail's anti-spam filters don't catch?

The only spammy messages that get through these days are all in Spanish or Portuguese. I hope to eventually find a way to simply block all non-English emails, but for now, it isn't that bad to have 10-15 get through each day.

I know that some of you get 1000 spam messages a day. I'd love to know what anti-spam services you use, and how effective they are!