kozyndan, giant robots, and editorial directors

kozyndan, me, and Martin Wong (of [Giant Robot](http://giantrobot.com))
About a month ago, I was recognized while waiting in line at the Manado airport by a "Dan and Kozy." We introduced ourselves to each other, snapped a photo together... and continued on with our lives.

ericndan at baggage claim in Singapore (photo: kozy)

After corresponding with Dan for a bit on Facebook, I realized that it wasn't "Dan and Kozy" I met, but rather, [kozyndan](http://www.kozyndan.com/), the well-known artists responsible for (among lots of other things) [Uprisings](http://www.kozyndan.com/art/uprisings), a print my sister bought for me some time ago (I am a fan of Hokusai and derivatives).

*Uprisings*, originally created for the cover of Giant Robot #28

Not long after I realized that they were behind a print I really like, I discovered that they were also behind the [alien Puma campaign](http://www.kozyndan.com/blog/2009/05/puma-x-kozyndan-in-puma-stores-worldwide-now). I saw the alien storefront while I was wandering around Charleston and was inspired to run across the street and snap a photo because I liked it so much.

kozyndan's [second line of Puma products](http://www.kozyndan.com/blog/2010/04/new-second-season-of-puma-x-kozyndan-now-in-stores-worldwide) just launched.

alien slugs are cool

So after my circuitous, serendipitous path of art education, I met up with kozyndan in Santa Monica today for Japanese curry and frozen yogurt -- this time, as fans of their work. As we sat down for yogurt, [Martin Wong of Giant Robot](http://www.giantrobot.com/blogs/martin) sauntered by with a few of his friends. Since kozyndan know Martin well, it was easy to get an introduction.

It's a tiny world on that little stretch of Sawtelle Blvd.

At 5pm, I headed over to [Werner Publishing](http://www.wernerpublishing.com/) for a drink with Chris Robinson, Editorial Director of *Outdoor Photography, Digital Photo Pro, HD Video Pro*, and others. I am lucky enough [to be featured](http://www.outdoorphotographer.com/locations/international/underwater-odyssey.html) in this month's issue of *Outdoor Photographer*, and [was featured last year](http://www.digitalphotopro.com/profiles/eric-cheng-the-aquatic-entrepreneur.html) in *Digital Photo Pro*, and wanted to meet the man behind the magazines.

Business is funny these days; I have never met the majority of editors I work with, which is a real shame. I had a great time chatting with Chris. He's an experienced SCUBA diver himself, and is someone I'll (hopefully!) enjoy working with for years to come.

Finally, I had dinner with [Matt Segal](http://www.carbonos.com/) at El Cholo. Matt's always complaining about the lack of Mexican food in the places we normally meet (e.g. the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia), and I now know why he is not satisfied anywhere else. Also, it was nice to have Matt buy me a meal, now that he's out of school and working a high-tech job. :)