Maker Faire booth setup, timelapse

Don Kehoe, Adam Lau and I set up my [Maker Faire]( booth yesterday morning here at the San Mateo Event Center. I've never set up an exhibit using cyclone fencing nor had to put up my own lighting, but with the help of friends like Don and Adam (and Backscatter, Reef Photo/Video, Gates Housings, and Dive Chronicles for lights), we set up an exhibit that doesn't look half bad!

People seem to be confused when they see the booth (we are not the typical exhibitor), but the folks who have come in for a look have been appreciative of the work.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, come in for a look! Information about Maker Faire can be found [at their website]( Also, I'm speaking on center stage tomorrow at 1pm.

As a bonus, here is video of us loading the prints up in San Diego. It was approximately 10% loading and 90% untangling of rope.