Eric Cheng interview in Giant Robot #65

I have an interview and shark photography feature called *Shooting Sharks* in the current shipping issue of [*Giant Robot Magazine*](

Sometimes, you need a bit of serendipity to get what you want.

I had been a fan of the magazine for some time, but [Adam Lau]( first introduced me to GR editors Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong over email after Adam's Sea Shepherd feature was published in the magazine. Months later, I was accosted randomly by [kozyndan]( at the Manado airport in Indonesia, and while visiting the two of them in Santa Monica, we bumped into Martin in person over a frozen yogurt near GR headquarters.

I said, "Hey, let's do a feature on sharks!"

Martin responded, "Let's do it!"

And so, the interview was born. I'm in talks with GR for more features on marine life and underwater photography -- hope they happen!

If you want to see the feature, please support *Giant Robot* and buy the issue!