DiveFilm HD sperm whale feature (Eric Cheng)

Eric Cheng is interviewed in DiveFilm HD's podcast #55
Interviewed for "In the Company of Sperm Whales" ([DiveFilm HD](http://divefilmhd.com))
Mary Lynn Price and Emiko Omori came over a couple of weeks ago to interview me about my [sperm whale trip to Dominica](http://echeng.com/journal/tag/dominica2010/). [DiveFilm HD](http://divefilmhd.com)'s latest podcast ([#55](http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/divefilm-hd-video-hd/id214353624#)) features the interview edited together with video footage and photos from the trip. Special thanks to Mary Lynn for making it so easy for me!

Apple objects to us using the word "sperm" in our podcast title

Please enjoy this PG-rated podcast. :)