3D GoPro Hero HD setup for RC car

Dual GoPro Hero HD cameras for 3D shooting, mounted on an RC10
My buddy Don was up here to help with my [Maker Faire](/journal/tag/maker-faire/) underwater photography show last month, and we ended up taking a day to hack two GoPro Hero HD cameras onto my remote controlled car for 3D video.

Eventually, I hope to mount two of these camera onto a somewhat larger car (and helicopters) for remote wildlife photography, but we all have to start somewhere. :)

Making stuff, with Don

Don took the car and cameras home and made something that is a lot more rugged. Check these out -- he's a great machinist.

The first video from our homebrew setup [is available at YouTube](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqh2ht5fq0k) (viewable in 3D). Now, does anyone have a couple cats I can borrow for the next phase of testing? ;)