Help establish a new shark sanctuary in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Indonesia at the same time one of the most biodiverse ocean environments on the planet and the world's largest shark fishery. [Shark Savers]( is working with [Misool Eco Resort](, [Conservation International's Indonesia Marine Program](, [WildAid](, and other NGOs and eco-tourism companies on a new initiative to convince the Raja Ampat government to prohibit all fishing of sharks, mantas, and mobulas. This is not a "feel good" petition. The petition is one piece of a comprehensive initiative to show the Raja Ampat Fisheries and Tourism Depts. that sharks, mantas and mobulas are very valuable to their local economy - ALIVE! [Sign the petition now -- we need your support](

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Note -- I wanted to post an image of a shark photographed in Indonesia, but I realize that I've pretty much NEVER SEEN A SHARK in Indonesia. If this partnership of conservation groups can help to get a new marine park set up, maybe that will change...