ReadyNAS at 6.422TB

I recently expanded my ReadyNAS Pro to 6.422 terabytes! It took 2 days because I had to add the two 2TB disks one by one, but it's finally (almost) done.

Now, dare I convert the data volume on my main machine from 4TB to 8TB? At the moment I have two 2-disk striped volumes that are 4TB each. One backs up to the other every night, which provides peace of mind (along with ReadyNAS backup, that's 3 spinning copies of important data in-house). I could stripe the four 2TB drives in my main machine into a 8TB volume, but I'd have to upgrade the ReadyNAS again to provide enough local backup space.

The other solution is to wait for bigger drives to come out, but I only have 100GB left on my main data volume -- I'm cutting it close. I could also investigate using iSCSI and dual-gigabit LACP...