Block Facebook apps that allow printing of friends' photos

A Photo Editor [recently posted]( about Facebook apps like Walmart, Target and others that allow the printing of photos hosted on Facebook. The problem is that Facebook allows those apps to print your friends' photos, too, which should be unethical and/or illegal for copyright violation. I just blocked the following apps and reported them to Facebook for privacy violation:

- [Print to Target]( - [Walmart]( - [Walgreens]( - [Shutterfly](

To block an app, click through to the app when you're logged into Facebook and then click on "Block Application," which is an option in the left-hand menu. You can also report the application for bad behavior by scrolling to the bottom of the Application page and clicking on "Report Application."

There may be more apps that allow the printing of friends' photos. I'll block and report every one I come across.