Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos

I sometimes do this on flights
After having driven past the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos countless times over the years, I decided to take Pam there for an early celebration of her upcoming birthday. Pam has an airplane fetish and was pretty excited to go.. Even more exciting: Laurel, Antoni, Dave and Charles met us there and surprised Pam as we walked in.

Antoni has had enough of Pam

All of us had a great time checking out the historical pieces they have on display and playing in the nose section of an old British Airways 747-100. There are signs in the 747 telling parents that cockpits are not play areas for children; luckily, there were no signs targeting adults. ;)

How fast can you get kicked off of a plane?

If you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend a visit to Hiller Aviation Museum. It's larger inside than it looks from outside, and kept us entertained for nearly 2 hours.

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