Scuba diving cenotes in Mexico

Our group has transferred to Isla Mujeres from Puerta Aventura and has just finished our first day of photographing the whale shark aggregation that is here feeding on bonito spawn. 3D video workflow has proven to be the downfall of my relatively-new MacBook Pro, and so I am unable to show you any new video at this point. I have a 1:36 video that is ready to show, but uploading is proving to be difficult from my connection here in Mexico.

Cave diver at Cenote Chac-Mool, Mexico

Instead, I'll leave you with 4 images taken during my 2 dives with a still camera. These images were taken at Cenote Kulkulkan and Cenote Chac-Mool.

A sign in a halocline warns divers of impending death upon further exploration of the beginning of a long cave system (Cenote Kulkulkan, Mexico)

Sterling Zumbrunn contemplates his future while in a shimmering halocline at Cenote Kulkulkan, Mexico.

Sterling Zumbrunn at Cenote Kulkulkan, Mexico